We are proud to have helped over 10,000 families move to or within Australia.
Here’s what a few of our clients had to say about us.

“Working for an international company in Europe I was concerned about moving to Sydney, Australia, on the other side of the earth. Woodhams helped me in the relocation process, solving all my visa issues, securing the perfect accommodation for me and assisting me upon my arrival to Australia, from the welcome on my first day, throughout my acclimatization period.

No question was too difficult to answer and the care for detail Woodhams put in all its services left me very satisfied.”

Fausto Labruto, MD, PhD, Telemedicine Clinic

“Michael was knowledgeable, persistent and engaging. He oversaw the process as if it were his own.  Michael was outstanding and really helped shape a very easy transition to Sydney for my family.”

Sean Nichols, Kimberly Clark

“Thanks for all your help, made moving as easy as it could have been.”

Paul Kelly, BOC Group

What was the best thing about our service? “Vashti and Lucy’s availability on short notice when we had questions.”  “Thank you for your excellent support, we did not feel left alone thanks to you.”

Nicolas C

“Our move was seamless and a great deal of advice was provided prior to us leaving the UK.  We also got prompt responses to our questions.”  “I wouldn’t move out here without the help of a relocation agent.  It can be a minefield if you don’t understand it.”

Anna Spink, QBE

“Personal support is the number one thing that you need when you are relocating. Claire and Vashti were always available for quick questions, for searches and even for helping my wife and kids to settle in the neighborhood. The relocation team makes you feel like having a friend at your new place.”

Gustavo Henrique França, Shire

“I would once again thank Toni, you and the rest of the team for helping Josephine and I settling in so well here in Melbourne. I do not know how we should have done it without all your help.”

Jacob Anderson, Carlsberg

“Lucy had the right information about the place and was able to think on her feet to suggest the appropriate solution at time of crisis.”

Nidhi Chopra, Adobe