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Risk Management: A 400 visa is not a preliminary 457 visa

A case study Sally comes to Australia on a 400 visa [Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa] to train local staff on a new system being rolled out across the world. While Sally is here it becomes clear she is best qualified to take on the project of implementing other modules of the system, a [...]

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Signing a Property Lease Before the Visa Comes Through

A case study Picture the scene: Geoff and Sally are on a “look-see” visit to Melbourne ahead of their planned relocation. Geoff’s new job is due to start in six weeks. They decide they like Australia and Melbourne, and fall in love with a family home costing $1,500 per week. However they aren’t the only ones [...]

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Reintroducing Visas for Senior Management Roles

In April 2017 the Federal Government announced major changes to the business visa regime. These changes are being introduced over time, through to 2018. The immediate restrictions on senior management roles caused consternation for many businesses. Under the new rules these were mostly restricted to 2-year visas, with one renewal, and no option of a [...]

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[Webinar Recording] Australian Visa & Tax update plus Domestic Relocation Policy Trends

We had some great feedback on yesterday’s webinar covering tax & visa updates, as well as sharing results of our domestic relocation policy survey! We hope you gained some valuable information and some takeaways of your own. Unfortunately, some of you couldn’t make it to the event, so we have made a recording of the [...]

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