“We should have done this years ago”

According to Dennis Ellis, Village Manager, Belrose Country Club, “if I had $100 for every time a new resident says that to me , I would be a wealthy man”! .
His view is that “our fierce independence is a problem”, as is our unwillingness to face up to the fact we are no longer as young as we were.

Talking with Dennis recently he made some interesting observations – including that the average age on entry is 72, and the average age of residents is 76. When we started Retirelocate in 2002 the average age on entry was quite a lot higher.

One of the reasons that new residents are so enthusiastic is because suddenly their social life takes off ! Many people become increasingly isolated and lonely in their homes – and family members can make the misguided, but well-meaning, assumption that an elderly parent would be better off staying in the family home.
Furthermore the fear of the unknown, concerns as to how to start, the accumulated belongings of years… are all factors that get in the way of making the change.

Nick Woodhams