Understanding cost of living differences between the home and host location is a common concern of employers and international assignees. Many assignees trust that the employer will take care of them, while employers can struggle to know what is “fair”.

Organisations such as ECA, AirInc, and Mercers maintain large databases of prices in many countries and cities around the world, and can guide employers in “packaging” international assignments.

An alternative is a collaborative cost-of-living database of prices by the name of Expatistan. ( https://www.expatistan.com/reports/about-us ) which is “constantly updated and improved in a collaborative way by expats all over the world. In the last week alone we’ve added more than 13,500 new prices to the database.” The cost of a report is US$49.

We conducted a detailed review of Expatistan price data a few years ago and were satisfied with its accuracy.

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