Webinar : Finding A Job – Challenges for Accompanying Partners

Unlike many countries in Asia, accompanying partners are eligible to work in Australia and many expect to do so. However,accompanying partners often experience disappointment and frustration in their efforts to find work that matches their skills and experience. This is often due tolack of knowledge on how the jobs market works here. Earlier this month [...]

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Changes to Australia & China Visa Regimes – Webinar

The Governments of Australia and China have introduced major changes to business visa regulations in 2017. In this webinar, visa professionals from Reloc8 Asia Pacific partners in Australia (Sue Stinson from Woodhams Relocation Centre) and China (Shelley Warner from Asia Pacific Access) provided expert commentary on these important changes. They also covered the implications and risk [...]

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[Webinar Recording] Australian Visa & Tax update plus Domestic Relocation Policy Trends

We had some great feedback on yesterday’s webinar covering tax & visa updates, as well as sharing results of our domestic relocation policy survey! We hope you gained some valuable information and some takeaways of your own. Unfortunately, some of you couldn’t make it to the event, so we have made a recording of the [...]

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Reloc8 Asia Pacific Country Briefings – Living and Working In Australia

This webinar, produced in conjunction with our Asia Pacific joint venture Reloc8 Asia Pacific (www.reloc8asia.com) provides a 45 minute digest of key aspects of relocating to Australia – including some of the cultural surprises that new arrivals often experience USA webinar link https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/501519078 Europe webinar link https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/334256294

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Webinar on Purchasing Property in Sydney – Tips, Hot Spots and Developments

This webinar, hosted by Woodhams Relocation Centre, provides that all important information needed when considering purchasing a property in Sydney. We cover topics such as Market Developments, "Hot Spots", Tips and Pitfalls as well a taking a brief look at housing options for elderly family members. This comprehensive webinar is well worth a listen. Click [...]

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