[Webinar Recording] Australian Visa & Tax update plus Domestic Relocation Policy Trends

We had some great feedback on yesterday’s webinar covering tax & visa updates, as well as sharing results of our domestic relocation policy survey! We hope you gained some valuable information and some takeaways of your own. Unfortunately, some of you couldn’t make it to the event, so we have made a recording of the [...]

2014-10-31T14:45:16+00:00October 31st, 2014|

To what extent should the employer reimburse relocation costs & to what extent should employees be expected to “invest” in their careers?

Organisations need a mobile workforce for many reasons, including filling skills gaps, meeting temporary staffing needs and employee development. In designing domestic relocation policies, major considerations include: • What are the costs that employees and their families will face? • How can the employer attract candidates to accept roles that involve relocation to higher cost [...]

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