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Cultural training: a low-cost high-impact approach

Preparing international assignees for the work and daily living experiences they are likely to encounter in the host location is a form of risk management. Interacting appropriately with, customers, government, business associates, as well as employees is important in protecting the organisation’s interests. Furthermore learning about, and understanding, host country practices helps new arrivals prosper [...]

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Visas and Immigration update – 457 visa processing times

Finally some good news ! Benchmark 457 visa processing times by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection have become shorter in recent weeks. From 2.5 months in August 2016 their guidance is now 35 working days, and in practice this has been our recent experience over the Christmas and New Year period. As the [...]

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Data Matching By Tax & Visa Authorities Brings Increased Risks For Employers

In 2015 the Australian Government announced that The Department of Immigration would be sharing information with the Australian Taxation Office. Among the risks Kumar Krishnasamy, Tax Partner at BDO Melbourne, draws to the attention of employers is in connection with visitor / short-term visa categories where an employee subsequently receives a longer term visa (such [...]

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457 Visa Processing Times : From 10, to 20, to 40+ working days!

Organisations seeking to bring employees to Australian under the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) program, the most common visa category of business visa, are experiencing increasing delays.   Organisational changes at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection: It may be helpful to describe some changes to the operating practices of the Department of [...]

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Visa changes affecting International Assignees

Review of the 457 visa system In a speech on 14 March 2014 the Minister for Immigration announced “an independent review of the integrity of the 457 system”. This is expected to target some of the restrictions introduced during 2013 by the previous Government that resulted in a considerable blow-out in application processing times. The [...]

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Visa Changes Affecting International Assignees

Significant changes to 457 visa requirements introduced in mid-2013 continue to affect Visa processing times by the Department of Immigration. This remains as a legacy of measures to address budget issues, as well as labour union assertions that low-paid foreign workers have been displacing Australians in the workforce. Visa processing times Multiple changes to visa [...]

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Temporary work (Short Stay Activity) Visa sub class 400

With effect from late-March 2013, a new visa category has been introduced – the Temporary work  (Short Stay Activity) visa subclass 400.  The Department of Immigration & Citizenship hopes that this short-term work visa option will reduce the prevalence of unauthorized work activities being performed by business visa holders.  It replaces the work entitlements of [...]

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